Hohner Blues Bender "Custom SB Standard"

Hohner Blues Bender "Custom SB Standard"

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Hohner Blues Bender "Custom SB Standard"


If you always wanted to try a custom harmonica, here's your chance at a reasonable price.

The harmonica with a sensational price/qualitiy ratio.


Body: plastic

Reeds: 20

Tuning: C major 

Reedplates: brass, 0.9 mm

Solid plastic case

30 days free acces to (Free Lessons) bluesharmonica.com of D. Barrett

Comes with a detailed product overview (booklet - pocketguide)

A key selection guide (whicht key of harmonica for what key music)

Productdescription in 8 languages ( German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian)


With the Custom Hohner Blues Bender  the comb is inspected and flattened where needed for the connection with the reed plates

And, not unimportant, the pitch of each reed is checked and the reeds are set tight and just, also the reed openings are “embossed” (deburred)

So there is less air loss and the reeds react faster and more accurate.


A Custom harmonica gives more playing comfort, more ease and pleasure of playing!






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