Fender Blues de Ville

Fender Blues de Ville

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Fender Blues de Ville


A new member of the diatonic harmonica family, the Fender Blues de Ville

If you always wanted to play on a good Fender harmonica, now you can!


Very good diatonic harmonica of the wellknown Fender brand, with a beautiful open and warm sound.

Comes with a good airing storage box


Advice for starters: Take the key of C, many methods and textbook are bases on it 

Take a look at thes two good methods:

Leer Jezelf Harmonica + CD + DVD ( teach yourself to play harmonica) in Dutch

Leer Jezelf Bluesharmonica + CD + DVD (teach yourself to play bluesharmonica) in Dutch 



  • diatonic bluesharp
  • in 7 keys
  • holes: 10 (20 tones)
  • classic model
  • open and warm sound
  • chrome plated metal covers
  • easy replaceable reeds
  • plastic body
  • good airing storage box
  • black, with gold accents.

Avaliable keys:G, A, Bb, C, D, E and F


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