Suzuki Promaster Custom SB Standard

Suzuki Promaster Custom SB Standard

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Suzuki Promaster Custom SB Standard


Suzuki MR 350 S

One of the better diatonic harmonicas in this pricerange,

Tremendous, full and clear tones, so it also very suitable for professional use!

With replaceable reedplates,  laser cut "bendable" phosphorbronze reeds and aluminum body.


With a Custom Suzuki Promaster  parts of the harmonica get and extra inspection, and improvements are made.

The comb is inspected and flattened where needed for the connection with the reed plates

And, not unimportant, the pitch of each reed is checked and the reeds are set tight and just, also the reed openings are “embossed” (deburred)

So there is less air loss and the reeds react faster and more accurate.


A Custom harmonica gives more playing comfort, more ease and pleasure of playing!


Available keys: low F, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E,F, F" en high G





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