Hohner Marine Band de Luxe Custom SB Standard

Hohner Marine Band de Luxe Custom SB Standard

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Hohner Marine Band de Luxe


The penultimate harmonica in the Hohner Marine Band line

Traditionally used by i.a.Little Walter, Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson


The Luxe represents the same design with today’s technique


More volume, better response of the reeds, or in other words an improved version of the Hohner Marine Band Classic.


If you are a beginner, order a Marineband in the key of C, many textbooks and methods are based on this key.


Reeds: 20


Reedplates:  brass 0, 9 mm


Comb: sealed pearwood


Length: approx. 10 cm


Available keys: G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E and F


With the Custom Hohnber Marine Band de Luxe the wooden  comb is inspected and flattened where needed for the connection with the reedplates.

And, not unimportant, the pitch of each reed is checked and the reeds are set tight and just and also the reed openings are deburred.

So there is less air loss and the reeds react faster and more accurate.


A  Custom harmonica has more playing comfort and more ease and pleasure of playing.



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