Seydel 1847 Classic Custom SB Special

Seydel 1847 Classic Custom SB Special

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Seydel 1847 Classic Custom SB Special


The first in series produced Richter diatonic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.


  • Rich overtone sound and extreme fast tone response for the German Silver reedplates and the stainless steel reeds
  • Very long durability even with a lot of use thanks to the stainless steel reeds and screws.
  • Less air los for the precision cut reedplates, optimized flattness and extreme small tolerances between reed and reedplate
  • Beard- and lip friendly , covers with rounded sides without any cuts near the mouthpiece , ergonomical shaped holes and rounded dividers
  • The overtone rich sound can spread unhindered . The covers are made of extra strong stainless steel 0.4 mm thick and wide open on the backside with crimped sides for good stability and round finish
  • Moisture resistand, swelling free maple wood comb.

The 1847, a harmonica that makes a good impression for  its innovation but also because it meets all traditional demands.

A brilliant instrument for maximum ambitions.

The 1847 is the result of Seydel's 160 years of experience in manufacturing top quality harmonica's


Available keys: low C, low Db, low D, low Eb, low E, low F, low F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db,  D, Eb, E and F


With the Custom Seydel 1847 Cassic the wooden comb is inspected and flattened where needed for a perfect connection on the reedplates.

The comb also get another double layer of food approved water based laquer to prevent swelling and to extend the durability.

And, not unimportant, the pitch of each reed is checked and the reeds are set tight and just, the reedopenings are deburred ("embossed")

So there is less airloss and the reeds will react faster and more accurate.


A Custom harmonica gives more playing- comfort, ease and pleasure.



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