Hohner Meisterklasse MS Custom SB Special Wood

Hohner Meisterklasse MS Custom SB Special Wood

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This Custom SB"Special Wood"  version has a double sealed pearwood body with a thickness of only 4.5 mm

Of each reed the pitch is checked and and precisely set, so there is less air loss and the reeds react even faster and more accurate.

Also the reedopening are "embossed" (deburred)

The combination of the thinner body and customising give this special custom version a sound of it's own (warmer), feel (thinner.more confort in your mouth) and a very fast response of the reeds (thinner body needs less  air breathng)

A fine collectors item but is is still better to play on it


Holes: 10

Tones: 20

Reedplates: brass, nickelplated

Body: pearwood double sealed, only 4.5 mm thick!

Length: ca. 10 cm


Only available at het Harmonica Online Shop


Available keys: G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F and F#


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