A custom harmonica, bluesharp that suits you!


As a principle any harmonica (harmonica, bluesharp, chromate) can be customised. Our custom harmonica assortment has already an extended number of SB (SoulBlower) harmonicas that have had an adapted customising/ setting.

If you find another harmonica in our shop and you want it customised, please let us know and with you we will find out what customising is the best for your instrument...customising starts as low as € 7.50.

We are often asked if we can customise already used or somewhat older harmonicas.... alas because of hygienic concerns we are unable to do this.

We will explain and amplify on customising so you can make more easily a choice of our SB (SoulBlower) Custom Harmonicas.


1,Custom SB Standard... starts at € 7.50


At standard customising each reed is set at the right tone and height, this provides a good action and air tightness (less loss of air) at the reeds of the harmonica that will ease your play and bendings.

Also the reed plate/reed openings are “ embossed”  (deburred -cleaned of any irregularities) and also the comb is inspected for unevenness’s and corrected when needed in order to get a still better connection with reed plate.


This standard customising offers a lot for the price ... a harmonica is standard, direct from the factory often less well adjusted and this standard customising guarantees a perfect and easy playing instrument. Therefore you can teach yourself  more easily the basic techniques of playing the harmonica.


The advanced and professional player too will value this standard customising also because by customising you’ll get a much better control over for instance bendings and other harmonica techniques.



2. Custom SB Special...  starts at € 14.95


With a more comprehensive customising more parts of the harmonica get an extra inspection and improvements are made.

In the picture you see the most important parts of the harmonica, the reed plate and the reeds.


In a standard (off the factory) harmonica the edges are often sharp and protrude on the place where you play the instrument.

Also on standard harmonicas some of the reed openings are set too high or too low; this gives loss of air and a worse reaction/action of the reeds.


By fixing the edges of the reedplate (through rounded off corners and removed rims on the front of the reedplate/harmonica) there is less friction, you play faster, the harmonica is better placed in your mouth, and besides that the reeds are set tight and just, so there is less loss of air and the reeds react faster and more accurate.


On a plastic comb/body of the harmonica we will further even the place where the reedplates touch the comb or body.

This happens too with wooden comb/body versions, and then also a 3- layer water-based varnish/coating is applied so penetration of moisture is no longer possible.



3, Custom SB Soulblower... starts at € 29.95


With the SB Soulblower Custom Harmonicas we take it one step further, here we adapt certain brands and types harmonicas and accessories and renew materials.


These SB customs come from our development department and are extensively tested on durability and playability. This will give you a unique and high quality product and as for all other custom harmonicas you get the guarantee: “good and content or your money back”


Hygiene and disinfection

The Harmonicashop safeguards your and also our safety, therefore we will at all times prior to a customising, mending or repair on your harmonica perform a thorough disinfection with ethanol (96% alcohol) but also do it again after finishing the works.





For an even better customising we advise you to write  your style of playing ( restricted or fanatic)  and you play/teach time (how long did you play the harmonica) on “ remarks” in the shopping basket... in this way your customising will be  even better adapted to your playing style.


A Custom harmonica has more playing comfort, ease and pleasure of playing. Go to products ...Custom


We also do repairs and mending on chromatic harmonicas


If you have questions or want an adaptation or customising exactly as you wish. Contact or phone: tel NL. 0316-847923, EU. 31.316.847923



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Hohner Blues Bender "Custom SB Standard"

The Hohner Blues Bender "Custom SB Standard" is rightfully a real bender!. With free acces ("Free lessons") to of D. Barrett

If you always wanted to try a custom harmonica here is a possibility at a reasonable price.

31.00 €

In stock
ships in 2-3 days